Pizza Parma Specials

You can use these coupons for your orders, be sure to follow the information for the Pizza Parma coupons. All Lunch Specials end at 3:00 PM. We also offer pickup and Family specials. If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for you friends, family, employees, or a random act of kindness for a complete strange, all you have to do is stop in at any one of our locations or ask about them when you place your order.

We can have the fast, fresh, food delivered right to your door or you can come into our Downtown Pittsburgh, Shadyside or Upper St. Clair locations to dine in or take-out.

If you are looking to grab a meal on the run place your delivery and we will have it ready for you within 30 minutes. Maybe you need a great lunch for your school or corporate gatherings or you would need to supply your party with affordable great tasting food, Pizza Parma has great catering options check them out today!

UPMC and The Allegheny Health Network employees get a special discount.
Be sure to ask about it!

Lunch Specials

Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills16 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills19 Specials & Coupons
Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills15 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma PP-HeaderLogo-01-300x249 Specials & Coupons
Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills18 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills17 Specials & Coupons

Other Specials

Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills Specials & Coupons
Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills2 Specials & Coupons
Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills4 Specials & Coupons

Dinner Specials

Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills3 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills11 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills6 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills10 Specials & Coupons
Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills14 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills7 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills12 Specials & Coupons
Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills13 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills5 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills8 Specials & Coupons    Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Specials-ShadySIde_Pittsburgh_SouthHills9 Specials & Coupons
Pizza Parma Pizza-Parma-Pittsburg-Catering Specials & Coupons

Pizza Parma Catering welcomes celebrations of all kinds, check out our menu and feast your eyes on the incredible deals we are serving up, directly to your desired location. Pittsburgh Party & Corporate Pizza Catering of Pizza Parma provides quick and easy personal and corporate catering services all across Pittsburgh. Whether you’re looking to host an event or just grabbing a group lunch, we have you covered. Our Italian catering options include pizza, pasta, appetizers, desserts and plenty of other finger foods for you to get your hands on.




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Sunday – Thursday: 10AM – 1AM
Friday & Saturday: 10AM – 2AM



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Sunday – Thursday: 10AM – 1AM
Friday & Saturday: 10AM – 2AM

Upper St. Clair


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Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 11PM
Saturday: 11AM – 10AM